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  • Suffolk County Educational Article of the Month - Should you ever trap a bat in a cage?

Should you ever trap a bat in a cage?

Should you ever trap a bat in a cage?

When it comes to Long Island, New York bat trapping, there is nothing called professional bat trapping even if some people may try it. This is sometime terrible when it comes to control or to remove the bat populations. A really professional is not going to trap the bats. This is because it is not going to work but it is also inhumane and it is also legal. There are many people who may not feel satisfied when they do not see the bats been taken away; however for the Suffolk County bats, this should not be the mentality used by these people.

A professional is going to help you to get rid of the Suffolk bats problem at once without having to harm or to trap any bat. The bats are not meant to be trapped but they have to be excluded. They have to be evicted from the building, structure or the attic. They have to be allowed to go out but not allowed to come back. The bats are fragile and small creatures and they have a high metabolism. When they get trapped within a cage, it is possible that they can starve or they can be dehydrated and when they are left out, they may die because of exhaustion, heat stroke or sun. The bat trapping has been condemned by the Long Island, New York Bat Conservation International and if anyone has a common sense, he should never try it. Another reason of never trapping the bats is that the bats cannot be relocated just like any other animals. They are able to fly faster and they will return in their Suffolk home at once. The bats may come back in the home even if they have been relocated in around 500 miles.

If you are not able to resolve the conflict with the bats using other means such as removing their attractants, scare tactic or installing the barrier and you think that trapping is the only option. You have to know that trapping will not lead to the long lasting solution. If other animals of the same species are found in the area or if they can find the shelter or the food that continues to be available, it is only appropriate to trap the Long Island, New York bats when it is in emergency case.

The modern traps are found in two different options, there are life traps and the killer type traps. The killer types can kill the captured animals faster and this is the common traps used to kill the mouse. The live-holding traps include the snares, foothold traps and cage traps. The cage types can be allowed in some circumstances if it is the only option available. The cage traps are found in different designs and sizes and they range from these that can capture the mice to these that capture even large dogs.

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