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  • Suffolk County Educational Article of the Month - Is it legal for me to trap an opossum?

Is it legal for me to trap an opossum?

Is it legal for me to trap an opossum?

Opossum is found in unclassified Long Island, New York animals and it may be killed or trapped any time of the year without asking for the permit. There is no need to have the permit for the use of the live traps but a special Suffolk County trapping permit have to be used when there is a need to use anything else which is not live traps. It is against the law having to release the opossum at any place than the property where it was trapped legally. The opossum have to be released on the bona fide private and public zoological parks. The entities or the persons are not allowed to import the opossum within the state of Long Island, New York without having the permit that allows them to do that.

When it comes to restrictions and Long Island, New York legal status, other information about the opossums may change, so you should contact the local people in charge to get the updates. Some people may choose to trap and to relocate the opossum in different miles away since they may think that it is the best way to give the opossum a second chance of living in a new place. However, before you try this, you have to know that it is illegal to move the opossums and this is not going to solve the first place since more opossums will come in their place and they will lead to the originals problem. Even if you trap and relocate the animals, it is good if you also make your Suffolk County area unattractive to the opossums so that they do not come back.

Legally, you can trap the opossum and you can release it at once at that site. The Long Island, New York opossum is trapped and the re-entry will be prevented before it is released. In this way, the opossum is already excluded away from your home but since it already knows the area, it will look for a new place to live and it will get the food. However, if you trap an opossum but you find out afterwards that it had children, you should let it go back to attend to its children. However, while excluding the opossum, you should also know that it can enter into the property of your Suffolk County neighbor. zx

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