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  • Suffolk County Educational Article of the Month - How to keep raccoons away from your property

How to keep raccoons away from your property

How to keep raccoons away from your property

The raccoons are not wild Long Island, New York animals exactly and they are the urban animals. They are common in the suburbs and cities compared to the Suffolk area which are yet to be developed. This is why it is common to encounter the raccoons. The raccoons are agile, curious, smart and also short. It is hard to keep them away. It is impossible to keep the raccoons away from the yard unless you have a good fence. You may also try to use a motion sensitive sprayer to spray water but it is also not something reliable. You may try the relocation or trapping. What you want to do is minimizing the damage that the raccoons may be making in your yard. You should also learn why the raccoons come into your home like bird seeds, bird feeders and garbage. The key in this case is to avoid things which may attract raccoons to come to your Long Island, New York home.

You should keep in mind that there is nothing like Suffolk raccoon repellent product which works. It is thought to make the raccoons to go out of the yard or away of your property. This is because the raccoons are crafty, strong and intelligent animals. If the raccoons like to come into your garbage, you should make sure that you strapped the lid down using the bungee cord or keeping the garbage in the yard until the day of taking the garbage out. You may get the locks and the heavy covers while you can prevent the Long Island, New York raccoons against getting in the garbage to get the foods.

If you have a decorative pond that has the fish inside, they are going to be irresistible to the raccoons. You have to install some gauge steel mesh and to keep around the pond so that the fish can hide into them. There are people who choose to use the cinderblocks or they can try to trap the animals and to remove them. What you have to do, is to make sure that you are not feeding the raccoons anything from the pet food or the pet fish if you are looking to keep the raccoons away of the Suffolk County property.

The Suffolk raccoons like the idea of swimming, pooping or bathing in the swimming pool. In this case, you should try the trapping and the removal. The raccoons are more active in the evening or twilight. They prefer to work when it is dark. When you install the lights that are motion activated they may discourage the raccoons to go further. However, in some cases, using only the porch light may not be enough. You need to go extra miles for your lighting and use only bright flood lights. You can also use a waterproof radio around the trash cans since the raccoons do not like the idea of being near the humans.

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