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  • Suffolk County Educational Article of the Month - What kind of damage do squirrels cause in an attic?

What kind of damage do squirrels cause in an attic?

What kind of damage do squirrels cause in an attic?

By nature squirrels are arboreal, but apart from trees they also choose to live in chimneys and attics of houses. Squirrels prefer to stay in attics because it is superior to a woody leafy tree. Generally attics are a great hiding place for many household pests and squirrels too, so when they move into, your attic suffers an extensive damage.

Squirrels are cute rodents, they make nest in tress out of twigs and leaves. But when it comes to baby squirrel the adult female squirrels often choose to nest near openings of attics or vents. The first sign to predict the presence of squirrel in your attic is a scampering sound during the day. At times young and few adult squirrels fall into wall cavities and find it really hard to climb out so they try to make a persistent scratching noise. If you hear this noise then thoroughly inspect inside your attic and also the exterior eaves, vents or roof tops. You can probably be sure to find a nest around February through May or August through October. If you could locate a nest they wait until few weeks before you trap the family, as the babies can’t survive without their mother. Across the United States most of the calls the pest control receive are for the distress due to the squirrels in attic.

• On the way as of a contrary belief squirrels do possess health risk, as human can catch rabies and other health hazards which are associated with squirrel droppings.

• The problem increases as the squirrels take a spray approach with their feces and urine, and coming in contact with it will pose the risk of salmonella infection.

• The squirrels also carry fleas and ticks, which increases potential health risk for your pets and infants at home. Once your house gets infested with fleas and ticks, it gets trapped in your furniture and carpets and these microscopic particles are too rigid to get rid of.

• Most of the people think that squirrels cannot cause serious damage to your attic, but the potential damage it causes to your and family health is much beyond the physical damage they can cause. Squirrel dropping are considered to be a source of Leptospirosis and Salmonella, which are bacterial infection causing flu like illness, chills and body pain. If the condition worsens then it can lead to more life threatening symptoms including internal failure and organ failure. Though mild doses of leptospirosis can be treated with antibiotics, but might prove fatal in some cases.

• Apart from these health hazards squirrels can cause some serious problem in your attic if there are some exposed wiring, they might chew on exposed wiring which can cause a fire. To be safe you can call an electrician to closely inspect and make internal electrical wiring. Squirrel can damage roofs, gables, siding and fascia, even a small hole if left untreated can cost you hundreds of dollars in repair.

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